Fickle Client Seeking Long-Term Stylist

Anything worthwhile demands discipline and patience.  Every few years, I cut my long hair short. Time for a change?  Bored?  Out of style? During my teenage years, and unfortunately into my twenties, I resolved this restlessness with a perm. Yes, it’s true. I have to admit that I still consider it, but it’s not permissable in Los Angeles.  Now I just cut my hair shorter. We’re not talking short enough to retire my brushes, just above the shoulder. I was able to steel myself against a haircut (or perm) for quite a while as I prepared for my wedding. After almost 3 years of ponytails, I could no longer stand it.   I love my hair short, but I will inevitably let my hair grow again.  I can’t seem to get to a stylist for a monthly haircut.

Fickle is how I describe my relationships with stylists.  Occasionally it lasts a few years, but something always goes wrong.  They move or I move.  My highlights are too gold or they talk too much.  On and on it goes…

I am currently seeking a long-term stylist relationship – I moved two years ago, and I have been “dating” new stylists ever since. Maybe the perfect stylist will inspire me to get to the salon every month.  I suppose I could simply make a monthly appointment.  The “first date” with a new stylist is bound to be a little awkward.  If I can just find one who will listen to me, and maybe make me laugh.


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