I don’t understand people who don’t like chocolate.  These are the people who enjoy a piece of fruit for dessert, or they say, “I don’t really like sweets”.  How is this possible?  My affair with chocolate began as a little girl who took a bite out of every chocolate in the box, and put the ones I didn’t like back for someone else.  Every holiday included boxes of Whitman’s samplers.  That was only the beginning…

Chocolate was always available.  We always had a candy dish with M&M’s or Hershey’s kisses.  When I was five I was finally allowed to walk to the corner alone store to buy a Hershey bar.  Some people say white chocolate isn’t really chocolate, but my mother loved it.  Every Easter there was a tall, white chocolate Easter bunny in my basket.  My mother always selected the Special Dark from the Hershey’s minatures.  This was a chocolate choice I did not understand until my twenties. 

Chocolate is best on its own, pure chocolate, unadulterated by nuts or any other foreign objects, but there are some lovely complementary flavors. Obviously, our wedding cake was chocolate.  Actually it was dark chocolate with Grand Marnier, and dark chocolate ganache, covered with dark chocolate fondant.   We also had some chocolate covered strawberries for the “fruit” people. 

Dark chocolate souffle’ is the most divine creation on Earth.  I search restaurant menus for chocolate souffles’, real souffles’, not “molten cakes”.  There is no comparison to the gentle, sweet balloon of a true souffle’.  I will happily accept dark chocolate in any form, the darker the better.  Somehow every spring a white chocolate craving comes over me, and I must indulge.  Some days there is nothing like the warmth of milk chocolate melting in your mouth, as tension and anxiety float away.

During hormonal moments, my husband always knows when it is in his best interest to come home bearing chocolate.  When we eat out, there is no question what type of dessert we will order, whatever is dark and warm.  I have been to chocolate tastings, every variety of cocao, and I definitely have some favorites.  If the “good” chocolate isn’t available, even “bad” chocolate will do in a pinch.


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