Reasons to Write

Two years and three majors into my college career, I finally found a major I could stick with.  The epiphany came in a mandatory creative writing class that I had planned to sail through.  Sail I did, but not in the way I expected.  ” Write 250 words about a man’s son who has died in a war.  You can’t use the word son and you can’t use the word war,” said the young professor, whose name I have regrettably forgotten.  I had found my passion and my future. 

Three more years of essays, stories, countless hours reading, and I had earned a Bachelor of Arts in English-Creative Writing.  What to do next?  I spent six months as an editorial assistant, four months writing and editing biographies for a cooking school catalog, and the last 14 years working in restaurants.  Two years of the restaurant career were in training design, corporate writing and editing.  This time was a critical break in my management career – and an important reminder of my passion.  I experienced the synergy of collaborative writing, the discipline of research and the detail of editing. 

In the beginning, it just paid better than writing, but eventually it became a financially stable career in restaurant management.  With my 20th high school reunion rapidly approaching, I have been thinking about two things:  losing 30 pounds, and what have I been doing since high school?  When I tell people I was an English major, they inevitably ask one of two things, “What are you reading?” or “What have you written lately?”  It’s time to answer those questions for myself.


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