A true writer is an invisible observer of the world. Observe and record behavior and language – how is emotion expressed in action?  There is more to writing than writing stories. Becoming a complete writer is learning all aspects of writing.  Writers take the world and tranlate it into words.  I can think of nothing […]

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There are people in the world who only care about themselves.  These are the people who pad the numbers at work – it doesn’t hurt anyone.  These are the people who cheat on their spouses – they’ll never know.  These are the people who tell lies about other to protect themselves – get rid of this one […]

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“When are you going to finally do something with your English degree?”  Now.  As a young graduate, money, or the lack thereof, enticed me to follow dollars instead of dreams.  Now it is time to follow dreams instead of dollars.  The dollars come and go.